Wrist Wraps

Earwaves Crossfit wristbands are designed to give maximum support and total stability to your wrists while lifting high weights and under any point of over-exertion during your workouts. These sports wristbands are created to give you the protection you need on the tendons, wrist muscles and forearms during your grip, without restricting proper blood flow

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Pro lockers

Made from ABS reinforced plastic, a highly impact resistant plastic used in automotive, Earwaves Pro Lockers feature a solidly injected nylon molded frame inside, which, together with ABS, makes them highly shock-resistant and durable. In addition, its molded pressure pads with thick rubber make them fully grip on the bar keeping the discs motionless and secure.

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Carbon Ab-Mat

Earwaves AB Mat has been created with the highest quality materials to get the best performance for your sit-ups and HSPU (handstand push ups) workouts. It is made from a super durable PVC PU leather layer, and the core is made from a high density EPE foam that stands out for being lightweight, elastic, strong and flexible.

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Barbell Pad

This ergonomic Earwaves Olympic fitness bar support pad is made from thick and durable high-density NBR rubber foam that provides maximum comfort and cushioning, reduces pressure and pain caused by the bars, and prevents the risk of possible injury by protecting the neck, shoulders, back and hips when it comes to squats, throws or hip pushes.

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