Rex Grips - 2 Holes

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The most confortable of the range. 2.3 mm thick and designed with a premium triple reinforced genuine leather stitching for total protection and high durability.

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Rex Grips

These hand grips are super padded and at the same time perfect to give you the best balance between grip, protection and comfort. They also stand out for being light and very mouldable, adapting beautifully to the palm of your hand during movements. Made with genuine leather known to be highly durable.

Calleras Rex de Earwaves

Genuine Leather surface

Earwaves Rex Grips are the most comfortable in the Jurassic range. These crossfit gloves are super padded and at the same time perfect to give you the maximum grip in total comfort. These crossfit gloves also stand out for being light and very moldable, adapting beautifully to the surface of the palm of your hand during movements. Made with genuine leather, they are highly durable.

Comfort in the palm of your hand

The reverse side of the gloves, in contact with the palm of your hand, is made of untreated leather. This selection of material means that the hand does not slip on the glove, but it does slide on the bar.

Maximum Confort and protection for your WOD

Ideal for: Kipping, Pull ups, Chest to Bar, Muscle ups, Toes to Bar (T2B), Knees to Elbow (K2E), Kettlebell swings, Powerlifting, Power Cleans, Deadlifts, Snatches, Gymnastics, and much more...

2.3mm Thickness

After a time of prototyping and testing, we have opted for a medium-high thickness of 2.3 mm in our Rex. The increase in protection thanks to a few tenths of a millimeter turned out to be exponential, without losing grip compared to thinner versions. If you are looking for smaller Crossfit gloves, you can always opt for Raptor Grips. Raptor Grips

Robust and secure Velcro closure

The closure of these gloves is common to the entire Jurassic range. We know how uncomfortable it is to be worrying about the closure moving or the Velcro taking off, so we have opted for a solid and secure closure with high quality Velcro and an anti-allergic steel buckle.

Passable and washable.

Subjected to a highly exhaustive manufacturing process and tested with the highest quality materials

Maximum Comfort, protection, versatility.

Earwaves ® Rex are developed to be your WOD partner providing you a stunning comfort level, great grip and protection. They feel natural on your hands as no other grip does.

Mesh bag included

earwaves meshbag packaging

Different hands, a variety of sizes

earwaves gloves sizing chart

Frequently asked questions

May I use 2 or 3 holes grips?

The truth and the most important thing is that in the end it comes to personal preference. Deciding if you go for 2 or 3 holes grips depends 100% on you. 2 holes grips are more than enough for most people. But you may like that 3 holes extra grip surface and protection. Do not be afraid of choosing the wrong one since both 2 and 3 holes models are going to work great and nothing is going to change dramatically. Here you have some points to help in your decision-making.

  • If you have big hands, it is possible that the covered area of your palms when wearing 2 holes grips would be not enough so 3 holes grips will be better. But in the end this comes to personal preference. On the other hand, if your hands are narrower, then 2 holes grips could be better.
  • If your grip is wider on chin-ups and pull-ups (so the distance between your hands is greater when hanging) it is possible that 3 holes grips would suit you better since the areas of your hands that are going to be rubbing the bar will be more protected.
  • If you are heavy, the 3 holes grips may be better, due to the fact that the pressure on the bar is going to be higher, and so does the bar rubbing that might lead to shredded hands. It will improve your kipping and grip feeling.

How to choose my perfect grip size?

Once you have chosen your perfect Jurassic Grips model which fits your needs, you have to think about a few things:Do i only want to protect the palms of my hands? Or te fingers too? Do I want to use them making a "gymnastic fold"?

Depending on the previous decision, you grip size would be a size up or down. In case of any doubt we recommend you to go for an upper size. Follow this steps to take your hand measures

  • Find a ruler or something to measure your hand
  • Measure the distance between your wrist and the base of your fingers in centimeters or inches.

Any recommendations or tips for taking care of my grips?

Once you have been using (and sweating) your grips for some time, you will find that the moment to wash them has come. If you want to wash your Earwaves® Grips you should follow this tips:

  1. We do not recommend to machine-wash them, although it is possible. Your grips will not be damaged but it could affect the velcro on its closure.
  2. Wash them in cold water with soft soap and let them them lie for some time. 10 minutes would be enough
  3. Once you want to dry them, let allow them to dry in the air

There are also a few tips and tricks that you can use which can work well if you want your Earwaves grips to last longer or even increase its comfort level in long-term

  1. You can use moisturising cream on the area around the holes of your grips in case you find it rough or you want to increase softness.
  2. There are antibacterial sprays that you could use on them after washing and drying.
  3. It is highly recommended that after training you do not store them in a closed place such as a closed sport bag.


Average rating: 5/5 - Number of reviews: 48
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rating Las mejores calleras que he enconrtrado. - Compra verificada en

Fernando Otero el día 2019-09-26

En mi box entrenamos gimnásticos con regularidad y mi coach nos recomendó utilizar estas calleras de cuero. Ha sido un descubrimiento por lo cómodas que son, parece que no llevas nada en la mano y sin embargo protegen mucho y el agarre incluso mejora con el uso. Si todo sigue asi repetiré cuando estas se estropeen, sin duda.
rating Excelentes - Compra verificada en

Santi el día 2019-08-27

Había probado varias calleras y sin duda las mejores, gran agarre , dominadas, muscle ups etc y las manos en perfecto estado
rating Estupendas - Compra verificada en

paula el día 2020-01-12

Las calleras están muy bien sensacion de comodidad,el único pero es el logro de la marca sería mejor de tela para que no moleste en la muñequera al pegar el belcro por lo demás estupendas ( he quitado el logro de la marca y mucho mejor)
rating Contento - Compra verificada en

Adrian el día 2019-03-29

Compre estas calleras para mi hermano junto con otro modelo para mi como de Carbono de la misma marca. Según me ha comentado son súper cómodas y acolchadas y protegen totalmente.
rating Protección y agarre seguro - Compra verificada en

Mar el día 2019-04-29

Perfectas, me las recomendaron en el box y fue un acierto, al principio resbalan un poco pero en cuanto se curten van genial.
rating buenas, bonitas, y de calidad - Compra verificada en

Jorge de la Puente el día 2019-12-12

Entrega a tiempo. Las he probado en el box y muy bien, hace falta darles unos días de uso para que se hagan a la mano (como todas las calleras). Me gustan mucho muy bonitas. En mi caso mi mano estaba entre la M y la L de talla. Ante la duda cogí la L y todo bien.
rating Igual que Bear Komplex - Compra verificada en

ClienteAmazon el día 2019-05-27

Son exactamente iguales que unas que tenía de Bear Komplex. Muy buenas, cómodas y ligeras. No conocía la marca.
rating Muy recomendables - Compra verificada en

Cliente Amazon el día 2020-02-10

Despues de un mes de uso, puedo decir que es un producto de calidad, en dos sesiones ya se acoplaban perfectamente a la mano.El interior en muy confortable, aunque para mi lo mejor a sido el trató de los vendedores, rápida respuesta a cualquier duda y atentos.Muy recomendables
rating Excelente calidad - Compra verificada en

Dani el día 2019-10-22

Muy buenas calleras. De momento son las únicas que me van bien .Las recomiendo 100%
rating Buen agarre - Compra verificada en

Carlos García Rivero el día 2019-07-17

El agarre es bueno en la barra. Se ajusta bien. No se mueve y las sensaciones en general son buenas
rating Se nota la protección que ofrece - Compra verificada en

cLitiaN el día 2020-01-03

Me ha gustado, se nota bastante la proteccion al utilizarlos, como consejo al pedirlo pedir una talla mas que la de siempre...
rating Buen cuero - Compra verificada en

Pablo Romero Yusta el día 2019-08-10

Cómodas, bonitas, y resistentes. Al principio hay que usar magnesio hasta que el cuero se desgaste un poco pero están estupendas. Me gusta que si quieres alternar con ejercicios de haltero no hace falta que te las quites... se trabaja cómodo con ellas durante todo el WoD y sin molestias. Marca española por cierto. Punto a favor.
rating Resistentes - Compra verificada en

Joan el día 2020-01-04

rating ok - Compra verificada en

David el día 2020-02-13

rating Super cómodas - Compra verificada en

Cliente Amazon el día 2019-04-05

Al principio resbalaban un poco porque la capa de cuero esta un poco lisa y tenía que usar algo de magnesio pero en cuanto el cuero se va rozando y 'abriendo' van cogiendo muy buen agarre. Lo mejor de todo es que son super cómodas. Da gusto llevarlas. Producto recomendado
rating Muy recomendables - Compra verificada en

Sendoas el día 2020-02-10

Despues de un mes de uso, puedo decir que es un producto de calidad, en dos sesiones ya se acoplaban perfectamente a la mano.El interior en muy confortable, aunque para mi lo mejor a sido el trató de los vendedores, rápida respuesta a cualquier duda y atentos.Muy recomendables
rating Excelentes - Compra verificada en

Santa el día 2019-08-27

Había probado varias calleras y sin duda las mejores, gran agarre , dominadas, muscle ups etc y las manos en perfecto estado
rating Bastante aceptables - Compra verificada en

Francisco Molina Ródenas el día 2020-10-20

Me las compro como crossfitero que soy y la verdad es que son muy cómodas y el tacto es muy bueno. Fáciles de colocar y agarran bien. Por ponerle una pega si que es verdad que me he abierto la mano con ella puesta con lo q no cumple su objetivo 100%. Pero bueno, seguiré probándolas
rating EXCELENTE - Compra verificada en

LUCIA el día 2020-09-13

Servicio de atención excepcional. Muy cómodas desde el primer momento, se adaptan perfectamente. Al ser de piel, aunque parece un grosor elevado en comparación con calleras de otras marcas, el agarre es mucho mayor
rating Muy cómodas para todos los ejercicios - Compra verificada en

Alberto Aznar el día 2019-04-29

Si tengo que destacar algo es que estas calleras son muy cómodas. La sensación en la mano al cogerlas y hacer movimientos es de que se adaptan a la palma perfectamente y tienen un tacto muy suave. Los primeros días el agarre no es tan bueno como cuando ya tienen algo de rodaje. nunca había tenido unas calleras de cuero y la verdad es que son otra película. Recomendables si buscas protección y comodidad.
rating Calleras - Compra verificada en

angel el día 2019-07-10

De momento me van muy bien...poco agarre al principio pero se va mejorando con el uso...son muy talla va bien aunque hay compañeros q la tienen y dicen q con el uso ceden...q es recomendable una talla es mi caso de momento...yo la recomiendo
rating Comodidad y protección - Compra verificada en

Jesús Ruiz Lucas el día 2019-12-21

Son unas calleras gruesas y protectoras a la vez que maleables, para mis necesidades son perfectas, al ser corpulento necesito unas calleras que me protejan las manos a la vez que se agarren bien a la barra. Se nota solo con verlas que son calleras de calidad, los materiales, el cierre de la muñeca, hasta incluso el packaging denotan preocupación y cuidado a la hora de fabricar sus productos. ¡Me encanta esta marca!
rating Buoni - Compra verificada en

Michelangelo ???? el día 2019-12-18

Ho ricevuto i grip solo un paio di giorni dopo aver effettuato l'ordine. Materiali molto buoni. Quando apri la confezione puoi vedere la buona qualità del prodotto. Dopo averli usati per i muscoli, posso dire che sono fantastici. Molto morbido, flessibile e confortevole e la protezione è sorprendente. Devi prima abituarti con alcuni usi ma in seguito l'impugnatura è perfetta.
rating Hand protection for weightlifting - Compra verificada en

Boyrevel el día 2020-02-11

These are worn by inserting a couple of fingers, and wrapping around your wrist.They are soft and strong leather that stops your hand from blistering and yet provides a good grip to the dumbbell or barbell.
rating Great! - Compra verificada en

Hisham el día 2020-01-27

This is a great pair of grips.The design and materials are good, the leather feels very durable on the hand - but importantly, they feel light.This is a great product!
rating Very qualitative grips! - Compra verificada en

Maria Debu el día 2020-02-02

My husband used them a lot in the gym!He said are very useful and works perfectly!Are comfortable and great value for money!Highly recommend it!
rating The most comfortable grips I have ever had! - Compra verificada en

Amazon Customer el día 2019-09-22

The most comfortable grips I have ever had!The leather is thicker than the rest I've used (Picsil, Victory, B.Komplex and the typical ones), and the wrist strap structure is far superior, It feels so robust and yet comfortable.At first, I thought the increased thickness could be a problem since the space between my hand and bar was higher
rating Best grip so far - Compra verificada en

Miguel Teixidor el día 2020-02-04

I’ve doing CrossFit for 6 years and I’ve tried many different grips… Since my current grips are very worn I needed a new ones and what amazing surprise… Didn’t know this brand Earwaves but apparently they have a lot of CrossFit equipment. This Rex grips are very confortable, soft, resistant.. incredible grip.. There is nothing I would change. I think I found my grips for the next years. Congrats to the brand.
rating Great quality - Compra verificada en

Dom el día 2019-12-25

Great material, flexible and softer than 0revious grips. Would recommend.
rating Amazing!! - Compra verificada en

Carolina S. el día 2019-09-13

Fits great and feels great!!
rating Order at least one size up - Compra verificada en

Straightforward el día 2020-02-04

I ordered a large-sized pair, which actually seem to be quite substantially smaller than I was expecting - having used grips before, the strip of leather is not long enough to fold back under the lowest joints of my fingers, leaving them unprotected when gripping bars. You'll need to order at least one size up.Added to this, the finger holes are too small, being only just large enough to fit over my finger joints and feeling quite tight and uncomfortable in use. They are also simple circular cuts in the leather, with no reinforcement. With these softer leather grips discomfort is not an issue, but with the thicker leather versions they dig into the skin quite a bit.Onto the marketing - there is no instructions as to which grip goes on which hand (novices will not necessarily work it out as its not immediately apparent), although there is a leaflet that helpfully suggests that I: a) 'use the stairs instead of the elevator', b) 'change job if I don't like it' c) 'try exercises that I'm not good at', d) 'do regular things differently', e) 'travel somewhere new', f) 'have a day of kindness', g) 'change my eating habbits [sic]', and h) 'take a day to be offline'. These are all part of a 'new things to do' list that I'm invited to fill in, even though the page is black, and my handwriting would hardly show up (see photo).It's irritating having to read such new-age waffle when you're trying to find out how to use the product - and it all feels a bit like I'm being manipulated into liking the company through ad-man verbosity rather than letting the quality of the product do the talking.The leather seems to be good quality. I do find the price to be a bit over the top for what the product is. A mesh bag is included.I will update after persisting with them a few times.
rating Simple and effective. - Compra verificada en

PeeBee el día 2020-02-12

I've been using gloves for years, and have been keen to try these grips. I'm all for simplifying exercise equipment and with gloves getting more and more high-tech, this is a welcome change. No gel for shock absorption, no webbing for breathability, no washing instructions - just a bit of leather and a velcro strap and I love it. Unlike gloves, these grips are basically just another layer of skin, so while they protect your hands from callouses, you feel connected with the bar/kettlebell almost as if bare handed. The leather isn't too grippy, so the bar moves as it should. I don't have particularly big hands, but I did find the holes a little tight for my fingers at first. If you have large hands, check the sizing carefully.I really like using these and now find the gloves I was using to feel anaesthetising. Simple but brilliantly effective.
rating Good quality - Compra verificada en

Silvia el día 2020-02-05

I am not an expert of this gymnastics equipment and I have just recently started Crossfit.I wanted to buy some grip that could help me in particular with the pull ups as while I did them I had pain on my hands and I couldn't carry on doing them.I have brought them and showed my trainer. He said even if they are a sub-brand, they look quite nice and good quality grips.He suggested me to apply some water on them to stick more to the bars.They are very soft and flexible compared also (even from the same brand) to other grips which are very plasticky and rigid.
rating Brilliant - Compra verificada en

Philomena(Cheekypee) el día 2020-02-03

These Earwave rex grips are brilliant. Exceptional leather grips ideal for gymnastics and weightlifting. Really thick flexible leather pads with heavy duty neoprene velcro adjusting wrist straps. Used in the gym they give a really good confident grip. In my opinion these are the best of its type out there. Comes complete with instructions and net mesh bag.
rating good to use - Compra verificada en

Mrs. A. Wright el día 2020-01-29

I love these leather grips. They are well made soft and certainly non slip. I used them with dead lifts, pull ups chin ups and toes to bar. How I wish I could try them with muscle ups but I cannot do them. Who knows with a grip like this I can practice more without risk of callouses. I found I could use them throughout my work out and they helped with dumb bells and kettle bells,. There are 2 different sizes 1 and 2 . ! has extra small to extra large and 2 has small to extra large Wish I had gone for smaller size but I like them very much
rating Rex grips - Compra verificada en

Bonver el día 2020-02-07

Good leather hand covers, that are very comfortable. I’m constantly scuffing my hands with weights, these are very useful. I wear them both ways actually - Palms if lifting to prevent callousing, knuckles if doing CrossFit to stop them getting bashed.
rating Einwandfrei - Compra verificada en

Simon Boesch el día 2020-03-22

Halten was sie versprechen
rating Buoni - Compra verificada en

Michelangelo ???? el día 2019-12-18

Ho ricevuto i grip solo un paio di giorni dopo aver effettuato l'ordine. Materiali molto buoni. Quando apri la confezione puoi vedere la buona qualità del prodotto. Dopo averli usati per i muscoli, posso dire che sono fantastici. Molto morbido, flessibile e confortevole e la protezione è sorprendente. Devi prima abituarti con alcuni usi ma in seguito l'impugnatura è perfetta.
rating Ottimo prodotto - Compra verificada en

Luana Carlassara el día 2020-02-17

Moto valide e resistenti
rating Crossfit Handschuhe Damen - Compra verificada en

Amazon Kunde el día 2020-08-25

Etwas groß, sonst super!
rating Home Calisthenics Application - Compra verificada en

Emiliano_B el día 2020-08-01

It's few weeks I am using those grips. I train every other day for around 1.30 hrs: I used the grips at all times. I bought it because I am now focusing more on rings (calisthenics), and I thought it would help. It really does! Initially I purchased the version with 3 holes, but I returned it both because I ordered a size too big, but also because I felt very "goofy" with all that padding on my palm. This 2 hole version covers exactly where it is needed and it fits perfectly - the size chart is quite accurate, the wrist-to-finger on my hand is 11.5 cm and I went for L (I am 180 cm tall). The claw marks on the photo become barely visible after a week or two of usage (I consider this a positive thing ;) - quite tacky for my taste).
rating gute Qualität, aber.... - Compra verificada en

Doris S. el día 2020-10-19

rutscht beim Workout, Klimmzüge usw. nicht gut möglich. Hab es jetzt mit anrauen versucht....
rating Voll überzeugt! - Compra verificada en

Nathalie Malke el día 2019-09-14

Das weiche Leder passt sich optimal den Fingern und die Handfläche an. Obwohl ich relativ dünne Finger habe, hat M super gepasst. Pull-ups und andere Übungen gehen dadurch definitiv leichter, daher würde ich das Produkt definitiv weiterempfehlen. Transportiert werden kann das Produkt ganz einfach mit dem mitgelieferten Netzbeutel.
rating Der Hammer Leute - Compra verificada en

Amazon Kunde el día 2019-12-23

Die Handschuhe sind perfekt für Training mit schweren Gewicht da sie aus echt Leder sind sehr strapazierfähigCrossfitübungen z.b. Klimmzüge, Gewicht heben
rating Besonders angenehm zu tragen - Compra verificada en

PL el día 2019-09-14

Sobald das Leder etwas eingetragen ist, fühlt es sich an wie eine zweite Haut und hilft ungemein bei Pull-Ups und ähnlichen Übungen. Sehr empfehlenswert!
rating Sehr bequem - Compra verificada en

Leo el día 2019-09-23

Weiche Lederhandschuhe, welche bequem anliegen. Das Produkt ist hochwertig verarbeitet und seinen Preis definitiv Wert.
rating Tolles Produkt, sehr zufrieden - Compra verificada en

Aletta el día 2019-10-09

Ich nutze diese Grips im Fitnesstudio und kann sie wirklich jedem empfehlen.
rating Toll toll toll! - Compra verificada en

Birgit Seele el día 2019-09-25

Super Produkt, genau so wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe, bzw. sogar etwas angenehmer noch vom Trage-Comfort. Kann ich wärmstens empfehlen


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